Additional Yardi Tools to Benefit The REMM Group Clients

August 26, 2016 | remm

The REMM Group is pleased to announce that we have added Yardi Orion Business Intelligence program to our current software package. Orion Business Intelligence combines the financial, operational, and ancillary data from Yardi Voyager to give a holistic view of operations, including financials, spending, energy management, applicant screening, and more. It allows monitoring of trends in tenant, property, portfolio, and business-wide performance. Managers and owners can act strategically to drive portfolio performance.

Our team is looking forward to using this sophisticated software, enabling managers, owners, and accountants to work more efficiently and deliver superior service while cutting costs.

We have also added the Yardi eLearning program. We are always striving to improve training efficiency, engagement, and tracking. Yardi eLearning will allow us to provide consistent and relevant training, track the learning progress of our teams and individual students. It's another way we can insure top quality Yardi expertise for every client.

As business reporting requirements increase and computer software becomes more sophisticated, expert assistance is essential. We strive for total customer satisfaction and commit to timely service. The entire staff at The REMM Group stands ready to assist with competent and thorough support services. These new tools will allow us to provide even more powerful results for our clients.

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