Creating a Culture of Excellence In Real Estate Management

September 13, 2016 | remm

Creating a culture of excellence at The REMM Group is fundamentally what allows us to deliver the most effective management. If you want to create a culture of excellence, first you must have the mindset that will set the process in motion. Eitan Sharir describes it this way in his blog post: “Most companies that achieve a Culture of Excellence do not settle for the mediocre. Instead, they are focused on creating something that has never been created before, breaking records and achieving unprecedented results."

At The REMM Group we strive to go beyond the expected results and challenge ourselves to be the best in the real estate management industry. Following through on that challenge requires vigilance and dedication. We have found a rigorous screening and hiring process is key to bring on board team members that are committed to the vision and execution. Ongoing training, motivation, and team development is essential to foster that culture.

Programs like our fitness challenge, activities arranged by our charitable Giving/Community Support Task Force, and mentoring opportunities all help to build a strong team commitment to the goal of excellence. The REMM Academy of Training and Development conducts monthly educational courses for all REMM associates. Weekly regional meetings focus on the profitability of each asset. Each quarter we present in depth manager, maintenance, and leasing workshops and our leadership team provides mentoring to educate and support fellow associates.

Competitive sales contests drive occupancy and team moral. We reward Leaders of the Pack, Top Tier, and ROAD Reporting Excellence. Quarterly team building activities create a sense of community within our staff and provide a supportive environment. Our associates contribute to the growing value of the community they manage and share in the feeling of accomplishment. We also reward success by providing the opportunity to advance within our company.

Maintaining excellence means having a means of providing accountability. We provide clear expectations, communication, and performance reviews. We conduct phone and physical mystery shops to make sure the REMM standard of excellence is maintained throughout our organization.

For more information on achieving the desired results at your company read this insightful article in which Entreprenure studied both large and small companies with outstanding cultures: . The Entreprenure article quoted Amy Lyman, cofounder and director of corporate research at the Great Place to Work Institute, saying "The main thing all these companies have in common is that their leaders and managers are visible and openly convey how valuable each employee is to the company." We strongly agree and thank our own team members for allowing us to feel great about what we deliver for clients, tenants, and residents!

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