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September 19, 2016 | remm

The REMM Group set up and assimilated management of 13 California properties for MG Development Company in 2000. In the 16 years since The REMM Group has performed all related management functions for MG Development’s California properties. MG Development, like many of our clients, is an active investor. Management has included coordinating data transfer for all properties purchased and sold. Below is a case study report by the protfolio owner.


MG Development Company, Woodland Hills
David Mendelsohn, Managing Partner of MG Development Portfolio, expressed his experience with The REMM Group in the following report.

The Challenge:
In 2000 my partner Rich Goldstein and I determined that our commercial real estate portfolio had
become too spread out geographically for our in-house property manager to handle efficiently. In order
to focus on the continued expansion of our portfolio, we decided to outsource the property management
function. Our properties were in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Southern California. We hired The REMM
Group to handle our California properties, while other third party management companies were hired
for the other states.

Owner’s Expectation:
We wanted to make sure our individual properties were well run, while we concentrated on the expansion
of our real estate portfolio.

REMM Performance:
The REMM Group has done an excellent job managing our Californi a properties. The REMM Group and
property manager, Jan Melano, have always acted with the highest ethics. Their accounting department
is outstanding. My partner’s background is accounting and he appreciates the detailed Yardi reports.
The REMM Accounting Team is skilled at adapting the reports to our needs. Any owner knows rent collection
is hard and critically important. Our REMM Property Manager is always right on top of collections. She is
thorough, conscientious, and looks out for our best interests. She does not bother us with day to day issues
but if something urgent or unusual comes up, she is there for us 100% of the time. We trust The REMM
Group to manage our properties and would recommend them to any real estate investor.

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