Interview with Our New Director of Marketing—Part 1

November 7, 2016 | remm

We asked our new Director of Marketing Windell Mollenido a series of questions and his answers were so insightful we wanted to share them with you.

What are you most excited about working at The REMM Group?

After working with IREM Orange County for 4 years, I have observed how challenging and diverse in jobs the property management industry can be, and that’s exactly what I want in a career. Not every day is the same, not every problem is the same. There are a variety of skillsets that are required and a variety of talents from marketing to accounting under one roof. This makes the challenge exciting to an individual like me.

In addition, I get the opportunity to work and learn with good people that I met through IREM OC at The REMM Group. I started my career as an Executive Director for IREM OC with Sara D’Elia as my chapter president. It is great to be working with her again as my CEO/Principal. I learned a lot from Sara during my first year with IREM OC and that helped me in the following years. She is a Certified Property Manager, as well as CEO. I know I’ll learn even more from the highly experienced team at The REMM Group. Furthermore, I want to work for a company that acts with integrity, and the REMM Group is an Accredited Management Organization, AMO, that upholds the IREM Code of Professional Ethics.

Being challenged and growing as an individual and in my career is essential to my nature and I know The REMM Group corporate culture is designed for people like me. I am excited to use my knowledge, talents, and insights to contribute in such a dynamic forum.

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