Interview with Our New Director of Marketing—Part 2

November 14, 2016 | remm

We asked our new Director of Marketing Windell Mollenido a series of questions and his answers were so insightful we wanted to share them with you.

What strengths will you add to The REMM Group?

Working with IREM Orange County for 4 years has given me a unique insight to the real estate management industry. I have learned how a variety of property management firms operate, how they market, how they attract new tenants, and types of successful programs that they implement. IREM is a place of information sharing between the top real estate management firms in the county, state, and globe. As an executive director of one of the top chapters in IREM as well as an active committee member on the national level, I helped direct that information sharing and learned an abundant amount of material on how property management works from the ground level to the executive level. I believe my education in this industry can be considered very rare and can help lead a growing company like The REMM Group to exceed their clients’ expectations.

I have over a decade of customer service experience from interning at Western Medical Hospital during college to managing a call center for Greenwood & Hall and association management through Gayle Stewart Enterprise. My experiences have honed my skills in handling all types of customer service issues and, just like The REMM Group, I agree that one must always “provide [their] clients with exceptional customer service that is grounded in dedicated follow through.” I believe that my extensive training in customer service will help The REMM Group troubleshoot and respond to even the most difficult client or tenant feedback. Couple that ability with my years of very ‘active’ experience in social media and public relations work, and I believe The REMM Group, its clients, and its tenants will see new experiences that will not only improve customer feedback but also improve the bottom line.

Technology is definitely a big part of my life, from getting the newest gadgets to understanding the latest apps. I make it a habit to always be abreast of the latest devices and software that’s available both in my current industry, as well as overall life efficiency. In college, my side jobs involved IT, graphic work, excel training, and anything that has to do with a ‘QWERTY’ keyboard. Even without formal training, I learned to code a program or breakdown a MACRO in Excel’s VBA, and produce YouTube videos. I have always found my skills in understanding and troubleshooting using technology to be one of my most valued contributions to any company I join. Whether or not it’s part of my job description in my current position; I am called upon for IT questions, excel questions, program questions, website questions, etc.

My IT understanding, coupled with my background in training and customer service, allows me to help the IT Department to demystify the IT language instructions to their clients or the company employees. Anyone in IT will tell you that ‘user error’ is always the number one reason why a million dollar developed software, or hardware, doesn’t work. Contributing to the effective use of those programs and that equipment is an extra benefit I will bring to The REMM Group.

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