Interview with Our New Director of Marketing—Part 3

November 21, 2016 | remm

We asked our new Director of Marketing Windell Mollenido a series of questions and his answers were so insightful we wanted to share them with you.

What changes do you see in the future of multifamily and how will you help The REMM Group to meet those challenges and take advantage of those opportunities?

As an apartment resident, I personally experience what tenants go through on a normal basis. Social media has given residents more power. They now have ability to reward and punish landlords. I believe that instant feedback through social media will soon be the number one driving force in how properties perform on their bottom line. Feedback sites like YELP will become the number one influencer of new customers. Activating property improvements based on tenant feedback from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, will be a driving force for tenant retention.

Social media has the best cost per thousand impressions metrics, making it a sought after marketing platform for all types of businesses. Therefore, it is even more essential that companies start ‘yesterday’ on their social media to boost followers now and get ahead of the game. Followers grow exponentially, and if the competitor has all the followers already, they can alter every other companies’ tenant perception with one post. I believe I can bring new insights to our social media efforts and help bring the REMM Group’s online presence to the forefront.

Customer service will also play an ever more important role in the Multifamily industry. Tenants are more informed today about which apartments they should rent. They already know the price, the comparative market value, and whether or not parking is good or maintenance is handled in a timely fashion. Potential tenants also have an idea if a property has horrible customer service based on their social media pages. However, if the price is within their budget range, that potential tenant will still visit the property. The first person they speak to at that property during their visit will play a crucial role in turning around any negative perception that was caused by some irate past tenant.

A well trained customer-service oriented residential manager can make the difference at any property. In time they can improve ratings and even overcome deficiencies when a property does not have budget for improvements. I’ve stayed at certain apartments because of the residential manager. I remember the manager that called to follow up even though their maintenance guy was out sick and could not fix the issue that night. I valued the manager that called their boss to waive the late fee on the rent check, because I was out on an extended business trip and my delayed flight returned me home a few days after the grace period. Having had these unique experiences will contribute to my passion for customer service. That combined with my knowledge base and observational skills can be very useful when troubleshooting customer feedback issues.

The bottom line is that review sites and social media are making each communities’ issues and benefits transparent to potential tenants, and are giving current tenants a forum to express what improvements they want. The only way to come out ahead is to be responsive, pro-active, and caring. Glossy pictures will not be enough to keep apartments rented. Those management companies that know how to deliver great customer service are the ones that will thrive. I know The REMM Group is dedicated to that goal and I am here to help achieve it every day

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