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You want your properties to perform at their optimal earning potential. Real Estate is too valuable an asset to treat lightly or manage exclusively for short-term returns. At The REMM Group we utilize our expertise in property management to actually create value by delivering increased income now and extending the life of your property for a prolonged return. This requires foresight and diligence from our team but it has created the payoff of long-time clients who trust and value our work.

In volatile and high-value markets, like here in California, the income-earning potential of your asset is greatly magnified. The degree of rewards that our top property management team can bring to you, in greater income over time, is similarly magnified. On the flip-side, mistakes are far more costly. Real estate management has become more demanding over the past decade. The corporate commitment to maximize productivity, comply with environmental laws, cope with intense competition, higher taxes and increased rates from utility providers, in addition to the volatility of market conditions, necessitate management by an experienced team. California leads the way in all these challenges and The REMM Group has successfully met those challenges for our clients since 1978.

To be successful today’s real estate investor, or a user of real estate for the production of goods or services, needs management with in-depth experience. At The REMM Group, each real estate manager has at least ten years of full-time experience and holds the designation of Certified Property Manager (CPM), Real Property Administrator (RPA), or Certified Shopping Center Manager (CSM). Each member of the REMM property management team has a thorough understanding of the market, market research, maintenance of the physical building, changing technology, tax and utility analysis and long-range planning.

REMM property managers understand the complexities of today’s real estate challenges and work to anticipate those of tomorrow so that you will profit from our preparedness. The strength of our company is based in the education and experience of its personnel and in our strategic alliance with industry leaders. Our real estate management professionals focus on maximizing revenue enhancement opportunities and property value for the owner while simultaneously minimizing costs. The REMM Group has earned the designation of Accredited Management Organization by the Institute of Real Estate Management. We look forward to earning your business and enjoying a long-term relationship through our commitment to the productivity and profitability of your property.

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